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Another Perspective to Your Recovery to Align with Your Highest Intentions. 


Your Outlook, Approach, and Your Results

“Moshe quickly made me feel comfortable and his instruction gave me a new outlook on my future.”  


Overview of Free Course

This 2-hour Foundations to Mental Health Resilience course will give you an overview of the key principles and concepts for developing and maintaining well-being. 

This is a condensed version of a 6-week course that I teach to students, which goes into greater detail, and where students apply the principles to a specific challenge they are currently facing. 

You can read testimonials of students who took a shortened version of this course recently.

This mini-course touches on topics related to neuroplasticity, shifting your mindset, exploring new perspectives and opportunities, letting go, the value of intuition, self-awareness and mindfulness, and creating harmony both within and in your relationships.

Once a group of people register we’ll schedule a time for the class on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon (EST). If you have a group of people who are interested in the course I’m happy to offer it to them as well. You can sign up for the waiting list below. 

“Moshe was welcoming, gentle, and knowledgeable. The content was easy to digest, and Moshe created a safe environment for engagement. I recommend his workshops to anyone!”



“I hesitated at first to register in the Foundations of Mental Health Resilience class. I wasn’t sure I could benefit from an online class on mental health resilience, but I needed help and not much is available during the lockdown. The class really exceeded my expectations, I benefited a lot from it, and it turns out that having it online was much more convenient and added more value to the experience. The class was full of meaningful material and valuable resources. It can be useful for everyone, even individuals who feel they are healthy can use it in dealing with people in their life.” 

Ms. Senaa K.

“I highly recommend this course. Moshe established a safe, online space, for a small group to come together, connect and explore. He broke information down into a very organized & simple way. There was a variety of different tools used as instruction such as group discussion/ videos/ breathing exercises/ slide show etc… As we worked through the material, Moshe considered our needs & connected our experiences with the material. The information shared was extremely relevant to our lives and our personal reflections. He guided us in developing awareness around our strengths & our areas of growth. Moshe is extremely compassionate & prioritised connection in the group knowing we are a collective and can support each other. Through facilitation, turn-taking and active listening, every voice mattered. Moshe also shared his own experiences around mental health and his journey in developing awareness and resiliency. I am very glad I was a part of this course and feel more empowered to move through life’s challenges.” 

Jamie K.

“I have been experiencing a lot of uncertainty with regards to my career, which brought a lot of stress and anxiety to my life. I was anxious to begin the course as I wasn’t sure what to expect but knew that the topic of resilience was very relevant to my current situation. After the course, I definitely have a new outlook on my future, and am reassured/validated by hearing the perspectives of other participants. I realize I need to be kinder to myself and that I am indeed very resilient. Moshe quickly made me feel comfortable and his instruction gave me a new outlook on my future.”